Apsara Yoga is born from a union of my passions, fine arts, theatre, dance and yoga. All these disciplines are mixed in my art and yoga practice. They are intertwine and question our being, who we are. They  challenge us and help us in our daily life and in our understanding of the world around us.


Apsaras  are deities, Hindu dancers, omnipresent on Angkor’s Temples in Cambodia. Artist Nymphs with undulating movements, they became for me the symbol of the arts and yoga synthesis.


I give Jivamukti and Vinyasa Yoga classes, two dynamic and energizing yoga practices associated with breathing. The fluidity of the movements is a reminder of the flowing moves of Apsara dancers.


My yoga classes is focused on the well being of everyone. They can take place in an art gallery and throughout the year I propose yoga workshops combining yoga, visual and body art as well as theatre.